Individual V.I.P. service

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VIP Services at MCN

The main principles for VIP services in our clinic is a high standard, individual treatment, total confidentiality, comfortable living, organic dining, and maximum attention to all your needs. The reason we offer VIP services is to provide personal assistance at all treatment stages, starting from the day of arriving to the country and all the way to your complete rehabilitation. We will meet you at the airport; organize all paper and organizational works.

“Luxury Wards-Appartments”

For your convenience, we offer cozy, one bedroom medical wards with cable tv and internet. The rehabilitation facilities are located at the foothills of Besh Kungey village, 10 km from the city.

Individual team of doctors

Our aim is to create maximum comfort for your soonest recovery. That is why an individual scheme of treatment will be designed by a team of professionals consisted of narcology expert, anesthesiologist, psychologist, and psychotherapist.

Total confidentiality

In our clinic, we provide total safety and confidentiality. All your queries will be assisted and your questions will be answered following the “rule of confidentiality first and most of all”.

Transportation with personal driver

We well comprehend the needs of all our patients who arrive to a foreign country, therefore we will do our best to help and assist our patients when necessary. The transportation with a personal driver will be provided.

Individual approach

At the second stage of  treatment, in particular when patients undergo a specially designed program Mindcrafting - conducted at the South Coast of the mountain lake Issyk Kul,  our VIP patients are accommodated in individual, hand made, traditional yurts, where they live and train along. It is an exotic and rare experience appreciated and endlessly loved by our patients.
Patients have individual, isolated beach 1 km in length. They  enjoy boat trips, fishing, horse back riding, excursions to the mountain waterfalls and one of the most exotic and unique sauna on the lake, while highly professional, local chief is preparing all organic, nutritional meals to enjoy!